Change The default maximum size of XML WSUS Server


ConfigMgr “Install Software Updates”

task failing when building a reference machine

error messages

One or more updates failed to install, hr=0x80004005

Failed to run the action: Install Software Updates.

Unspecified error (Error: 80004005; Source: Windows)

Unable to get locations, no need to continue with download

Failed to download update Error = 0x80040669

Solution 1

install the latest windows update agent before running the “install updates” task.

Solution 2

Add “SMSSLP=” into the sccm client installation properties in the task sequence, or add a registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CCM\SMSSLP and set it to .

Solution 3

The current number of roundtrips allowed by WSUS is 200 per client session.
The default maximum size of XML data that WSUS allows during each roundtrip is currently 200 KB.
To reduce the number of roundtrips to be within the 200 roundtrip limit per client session, you can adjust the adjust the maximum size of XML data downloads per trip from the 200 KB limit to an unlimited size.

To adjust the maximum size of XML allowed per request, you will need to adjust a setting within the WSUS SUSDB database.
You can adjust this setting by running the following SQL script on the WSUS server:

UPDATE tbConfigurationC SET MaxXMLPerRequest = 0

NOTE: You will need to run this on the WSUS/SUP. You should check to see if the SUSDB is hosted by the default Windows Internal Database (WIDS) or by full SQL. You can check the following registry keys on the SUP to determine what is hosting SUSDB:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup\SqlServerName

Solution 4

If you are using protected distribution points, you will need to unprotect one of them to create your base image, also, in the advertisement for your task sequnce, ensure that the following options are enabled: “When no local distribution point is available, use a remote distribution point” (This one is especially required when using AD Sites as boundaries as there is no AD Site before joining the domain) and “When no protected distribution point is available, use an unprotected distribution point.”

Solution 5

Build and Capture task sequence is not a domain joined machine so it is unable to query for D site boundaries. Create a new IP Subnet Boundary and it should be working.

Solution 6

1. Check the “Allow HTTP communication for roaming and site assignment” site setting in the site mode tab of site properties. (On the site server you will be using for creation of the gold image)
2. Modify the “MobileClient.tcf” file (\bin\i386) to change the setting “IISSSLState” in the [Site] section to be 95 (IISSSLState=95) on the site server.
3. Re-create the bootable media (if you are using bootable media)

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